Friday, September 18, 2015

The Hair Straightener that is really good in your hair

As a cosmetologist I have gotten to try many salon quality hair straighteners over the years as well as brands you can purchase from any store. I was really excited to try this one out! What really caught my interest was the SMART automatic temperature adjustment.

 I thought it was really cool that you didn't have to set the temperature on the flat iron yourself and it didn't have just one universal setting. It actually sets itself depending on the thickness, texture, and styling needs of your hair. It even changes when it notices you straightening your bangs or bigger pieces of hair on the side or back of your head. Of course, with ANY flat iron always use a heat protecting product to help from damaging your hair. After I blow dried my hair I used my favorite heat protecting spray and started using this flat iron. It glided easily through my hair and didn't pull or tug at the ends at all. Some flat irons rip the hair strand once you get to the end and I hate that. This one was perfect. It took care of frizz and made my hair feel soft and smooth. 
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Not only that, my hair was super shiny thanks to the Tourmaline Ceramic plates. My hair did not get super hot, did not seem to get damaged, and it seemed to adjust temperature when I did smaller pieces. The one draw back is that this flat iron doesn't have an automatic shut off feature. Even though I always make sure I unplug my flat iron, sometimes there may be just that one time you forget and that's a safety issue. That one feature would be SO nice to have. Other than that, it's a great product and definitely worth it's price. *discount received for testing and review*

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